Spark Custom Goldsmithing


Custom Design:

Spark Custom Goldsmithing offers custom design service to the public, this may be anything from diamond rings and pendants, to sapphire earrings or a silver brooch. If you can't find it anywhere else, call me to see if I can make it for you.  Go to the link Design Process to have a further explanation of how to get  started.       


Hand Engraving:

Hand engraving allows me to create one of a kind art in metal. This could be a portrait or a representation of a pet, an important event, an accomplishment, a moto or a favourite place. A hand engraved plaque or framed picture could be a nice gift or accent to your office wall or desk.



I offer quality repair work of all kinds. Jewellery is often a one time purchase, fix it right and enjoy it for years.



Sometimes that fine piece of jewellery has seen the last of it's days, this may be breaking your heart. I can remake it for you in it's original glory, and if it's feasible we may be able to use some of the original material.

Quality Metals:

Rhodium plating is not used. This is not necessary as I use white gold alloys that are already white not beige. I work with a diversity of metals, including platinum, silver, steel, copper, palladium and gold.



I buy old gold and silver. All recycled materials are sent to a refiner, not resold. I will consider purchase of diamonds.


Spark Custom Goldsmithing is not your average business, and in this case that is a good thing. Call Robert for a consultation at:


                    (306) 370-5009